uhlsport is proud to behave independently, defying conventional thinking. We are a brand for people who are of an independent mind and who have a deep and powerful emotional attachment to football. uhlsport is a brand for the global football community. Our actions will reflect this and bring us closer than we have ever been previously to our target groups. We are proud to be of independent mind, always striving to be closest to our customers, our players and our business partners. Proximity is the roof under which all other values stand shoulder to shoulder.


Designed specifically to suit the club catalogue, Order online in two or three simple steps and pay safely with with your debit/credit card safely through the Paypal gateway


Erreà (pronounced [ɛˈa]) is an Italian sports equipment company supplier. Erreà was the first Italian sportswear company to be accredited with the Oeko-tex standard certification, which assures that garments textiles are free from harmful chemicals. Bringing a bespoke solution for all your GAA needs.